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On Monday, December 10th, Brandon Schwartz, a fifth-grade science teacher at Duval Charter School at Coastal, was awarded the CSUSA Bright Spots award for the month of November. Mr. Schwartz received the award based on his submission, which highlighted the 21st-century learning environment he has created in his classroom.

When speaking about his classroom, Mr. Schwartz said, “From the beginning of the year, I wanted to create a classroom culture of student ownership, intrinsic motivation, and most importantly, a place where students feel safe to explore their love of science.” He routinely seeks out student feedback on lessons, ensuring that the lessons are not only standards-based but also play to their interests. Continue reading Mr. Schwartz’s story.

November Bright Spot Winner Brandon Schwartz

Greg Stickel (l), Principal of Duval Charter School at Coastal, and Adam Cross(r), North Florida Regional Director, present Brandon Schwartz (center) with his Bright Spots certificate.